Fresh Cut Kitchen: Beverly Weidner

Before we dive in, some background on how I came to be so very excited about this renovation. When it comes to Beverly Weidner, I’m the proud, wide-eyed little sister who is all up in her blog-sharing over on her two(oh yeah!) facebook pages. Ok, one is a page. One is her profile. I “friended” her, liked almost every food post, and the rest is history. We’re best friends! But really, she’s the whole package. Pretty inside and out, pretty kitchen have-r, amazing chef, and laugh-worthy narrator. I hope I’m convincing because she has not personally cooked for me and gabbed over a glass of wine… yet.

Here’s a pic to break up my chatter.


Back in March, on my big ‘ol Spring b-day, Bev wrote on my wall. O.M.G. Having played her up as a famous blogger-foodie-chef-lady for months, my mind was beyond blown when she wished me a happy birthday. Ever since, I’m convinced – and I don’t miss an opportunity to share it enthusiastically – she’s gonna be famous. On TV. Making people laugh right up there next to Ree and Paula on Food Network. In her sparkly new kitchen.

Mark. My. Words. People.

Bev, you mark ’em, too – I can’t bear to be wrong about these things!

You can imagine my excitement when she agreed to be my first official Fresh Cut. So here you are – behold, a truly Fresh Cut Space. Finished just last week. And she didn’t miss a beat on her morsel posts. Designer and chef. Go girl.

Before the overhaul..

Grab your Ray Ban‘s – it’s so shiny bright! Ta-da!!

How classic is that hardwood flooring? And the clean, crisp white? I’m in awe.

I’m a sucker for cute, snuggly coffee-maker nooks.

And cutting board slots! And pretty cutting boards in general.

Coil-y, stainless sink heaven.

Repeating the warmth and rustic feel of the floor balances the space. I love shiny white when it befriends natural wood.

More shelves and happy vintage glasses.

The “coffee station.”

Two words: functional display. Love. Go ahead. Pin it. I’ll wait.

Twinkly lights! This makes me that much more giddy about our bathroom renovation featuring: super, glittery halogen track lighting. Doesn’t it just feel like your in the tropical sun? No? Close?

Kudos to Bev and Aaron and Eric and all those people who made this space the dreamiest little kitchen. I bet the food is going to taste so much more delicious (if that’s possible)!

Design and photos by Beverly Weidner on her fancy camera. In fact they’re even prettier over on her blog. If this looks familiar, I shared a little link to Bev’s post over on my FB page last week! Go see!


Official Pinterest Announcement!

Hello, hello! And happy Saturday! There was a TON of rain in the forecast for this entire weekend so we rushed and rushed and worked and finished destroying, leveling, sod-planting, and cleaning our front lawn and side yard .. and now – NOW – we’re glued to the sofa and can’t move any muscles in our weary nonnow-athletic bodies. Andrew to the hockey game and me to Pinterest. Which reminded me that I must share some wonderful news: White Tulip Interiors and it’s lil bloggy friend and sidekick, Fresh Cut Spaces, teamed up with their creator (me) and launched our official PINTEREST page! Whoa!

Hop over right here or click the red “P” for lots o’ inspiration and prettiness!






I pin things like this kitchen…

And this painted bookcase..

And this ladder..

And this orginial artwork..

And this DIY wine crate garden..

Oh, and sometimes I pin things like this sunflower-topped country table..

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Homes for Herbs

I’m growing my very own herb garden – it’s way teeny and has only two types: Sage and Basil. I plan to re-locate and thin these sprouts this weekend and fill this glass bowl with Rosemary. I also have fresh spearmint and parsley growing happily in the backyard garden and on the patio. I’ve been itching for a more suitable little spot for all of my herbs to live together in harmony (and easy for pickin’). In my not-so-intentional hunt, I’ve found the following accessories and herb homes. Here’s what I have now (sorry for blurries):

Here’s where herbs should live!

Western Red Cedar Herb Planter via Japanese Garden Supply on Etsy, $120

Cork Herb Labels - DIY (via.... all over Pinterest), $Free (after your bottle of wine)

DIY - Trellis with Hanging Herb Pots via Making Lemonade (click photo for link)

Slate Herb Labels via Terrain, $18

Copper Style Herb Planters, $11 via Save on Crafts

Spiral Stone Herb Garden, via Isla Verde

And a few great links for herb tips:

Terrain | Tips from Stone Barns

Better Homes & Gardens | Fanciful Indoor Herb Gardens

Happiness tip: use fresh herbs. And grow them yourself – sense of accomplishment, sense of taste, and sense of minty mojitos!!

Happy (not-too-often) watering!

Sharpen Your Stencils!

Kidding. Bad pun. But really – maybe, sharpen your stencil skills? Way back in the day, when I was talking about re-vamping our tired stairs, I mentioned wallpaper in this post. However, in an effort to save some dollars and get my creative precision on, I’m thinking stencils. Ya know, when we get on that project… tomorrrrow.

I would like to start with something way less complicated than their home office/playroom project. Kudos, Petersiks!! I’m also considering making my own fabric-stenciled privacy curtain for the new laundry/powder room and think it would be way cool to repeat the pattern in two parts of the house.

Here are a few of my faves (The first 3 are some pretties and the last 3 are some realistic-for-mes.), inspired by one of my favorite design/house-lovin’ blogs over in this lily pond.

Stencil Numero Uno:

Moroccan Arches Stencil, Royal Design Studio, $24-39

Stencil Numero Dos:

Feathered Damask Stencil, Royal Design Studio, $56

Stencil Numero Tres:

Chinese Ginkgo by Kim Myles, via Cutting Edge Stencils, $35

Stencil Numero Cuatro:

via Michelle from Decor and the Dog, Stencil is Nova Trellis from Royal Design Studio, click photo for link

Stencil Numero Cinco:

Nagoya Stencil via Cutting Edge Stencil's Etsy page, $40

Stencial Numero Seis:

(Now this one, I can handle!!! Simple, but a great alternative to art over the bed. Or maybe in a powder room.)

Fern Leaves via Cutting Edge Stencil's Etsy page, $33

This is one of my “happy” projects: picking up art again in any viable form and incorporating it into my home.

Happy Wednesday.

Treat Your Windows…

..beautifully. These striped drapes compliment the subtle geometric print of the wall-covering so well, it hurts! Reasons I love this space: the horizontal stripes don’t thwart the towering presence of the curtain panels – in fact, they balance it. The hanging star is such a pleasant surprise and suits the space better than a huge painting. The gold pillows with the dusty purples and grays… the bright orange flowers stealing the show from the corner. The allure. The comfort. It’s unpretentious and yet so rich all at once.

Living Room | The Curtain Exchange

Fresh Take: Guest Bedroom by the Sea

“Peace – that was the other name for home.”  Kathleen Norris

Today’s Fresh Take features a cottage guest room which bears truth to Kathleen’s words above. The simplicity and practicality of this space are embodied in the wood walls, the casual flowers, and the unpretentious linens. This space is perfect for its purpose.

Photographer: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Title/Source: Guest Bedroom, Coasting Living
First Impression: Serenity achieved.
Mood+Feel: This space is cozy and soothing. Perfect for a night’s rest.
Function: A quaint retreat in which to drift off after a long day at the beach.
Why I love it: The neutrals don’t appear colorless! Instead, I see so many subtle hues of green, yellow, and even lilac in the plank walls. Also, that little chair adds so much charm.
What works: The designer didn’t overdo it with art and accents in this space. Instead, hints of color and pattern in the bedding (love the yellow in the throw pillow!), fixtures, and flowers compliment the texture of the walls.
Room for Improvement: I had to get picky with the staging since there’s, well, nothing I’d add or remove. This scene is a little too casually messy. The flopped pillow and the draped wrap?
Sustainable Style: This style can be adapted using organic bamboo, cotton, and linen fabrics for the bedding. Even better, relieve strain on the environment by mixing collections you already own!
Features: The wrought-iron twin beds are similar to Restoration Hardware’s French Academie bed which I featured earlier this summer in my post Blissful Beds. They add a sturdy, yet delicate and gate-like element to the space, juxtaposed nicely with the soft bedding.
Get this look: The bed is above, but I wanted to find you some affordable and similar accents. Here goes in 3 parts! 1. Accent pillow, 2. Organic Bedding in dusty, drift-wood hues, and 3. Mini Chair like this one with storage below.

Fresh Take: Family Room

“About fifteen miles above New Orleans the river goes very slowly. It has broadened out there until it is almost a sea and the water is yellow with the mud of half a continent. Where the sun strikes it, it is golden.” – Frank Yerby, Novelist

Title/Source: Family Room, featured in online article at Country Living (, Photo by: Keith Scott Morton
First Impression: Vibrant!
Mood+Feel: Peaceful, yet visually intriguing. I love the warm gold walls and ceilings. I believe that is what makes this room so restful. Typically cool hues signify calm and rest; however, the warm, unimposing gold creates a true retreat. I’m feeling the comfortable, easy Southern vibe here. The metallic gold dots on the creamy-honey ceiling fit Frank Yerby’s vision above oh-so-perfectly.
Function: Relaxation, conversation, quiet reading space, snuggle-spot, movie night.
Why I love it: The designer uses texture, pattern, and balanced color to create a cohesive space. The natural light pours in illuminating the beautiful photography. The black+white frames and mats create uniformity and avoid a busy, distracting array of multiple frames/colors in a small space. The cushy ottoman with tray is so inviting. The soft edges in a small space allow for ease of movement without bumped and bruised legs!
What works: I love the solid seat cushions on the sofa. They provide visual rest from an otherwise entirely patterned sofa in a small space and the poppy-colored welting unites the cushions with the upholstered frame. Repeating the gold of the walls on the side chair frame and sofa throw pillow ties the room together. The designer did not try to fit too much furniture in the space and instead opted for light-weight side chairs and a small pedestal side table. The room is adequately furnished without feeling crowded.
Room for Improvement: Everything’s so lovely, I’m forced to nitpick! I love the deep tray on the ottoman, but while it looks really fabulous, it lacks practicality if this room will be used often and possibly by children. The high edges make for bumped and spilled drinks once they’re set down and picked up repeatedly. If the ottoman is for propping tootsies occasionally, any jostling of the tray might also tip some cups or that pretty vase! However, if they spill – they’re contained, no?
Sustainable Style: How can you repeat the look and keep your environmental impact low? The side chairs are vintage styles and could easily be found second-hand. Using natural fibers such as cotton or bamboo on the upholstered pieces is essential. The windows add natural light and ventilation and they’re adorned with natural materials.
Features: The drum pendant light fixture has such a mod presence. It adds style without clashing with the style and feel of the room. This fixture is so versatile. Similar drum pendants are available at Suburban Wholesale Lighting.