The Elements of Nature

Bringing natural objects into the home is a sure way to add soothing, rustic, and familiar charm to a space. As humans, we are thirsty for a connection with nature. Naturally, when autumn transitions to winter and the days become shorter, we’re spending less time outdoors doing the wild things we love. During the holidays we decorate with colorful leaves, pumpkins, corn husks, pine cones, red berries, and greens. Below are a few inspiring new ways to incorporate nature into your home. Enjoy all year long. | Click images for info/links where available

Succulents Framed via Better Homes & Gardens

Homemade Driftwood Branch Lamp via Design*Sponge

DIY Wolf Den Coatrack via WordPress

Starfish Mirror via Pinterest

Grass in Reclaimed Walnut Table by Emily Wettstein

Handmade Felt Acorns via Mikio Design

Seashell Wreath via Home Stories A to Z (click photo for how-to!)

Pressed Leaves in Frames via Design*Sponge (click photo for how-to!)

The beautiful greens bring fresh life into your space even if they’re pressed in a frame (or growing from a frame!). The acorns, while made of felt, add a hint of organic charm and the coat hooks bring function with old branches. I love that the seashell wreath could be made from a shore trip shell collection, hand-picked and reminiscent of a summer vacation without looking “beachy” or out of place in your inland home. Just a few reasons to love nature indoors. I hope you were inspired. It was highly difficult to limit myself with this post… might need to create a follow-up!


Cool Homegoods Finds: Console

My latest Homegoods find – this charming, rustic console table. The photos don’t do it nearly the justice it deserves, but try to imagine! The colors have somehow achieved both subtlety and vibrancy, making this a unique addition to most any distressed-wood-lovin’ home. See photos below! (By the way, this table was either $129 or $149… and I’m leaning on the lower price – a stylish steal!).

5 Ways to use it!

1. Beside your front door as a mail sorter and key holder – place a pretty pottery dish on top and a dark woven basket on the shelf for outgoing mail.
2. In your kitchen to hold your microwave. Store bread or snacks in behind the doors or cute dishtowels in the drawer!
3. As a side table in your bedroom – that’s right – but I’d recommend this only if your bed is on the higher side.
4. Bring some country into your home office – great for a printer, to hold photos, or to store office supplies.
5. In your powder room. Set a vessel sink (like this!) on top, wall-mount a faucet, and [find someone to] disguise plumbing behind the drawer. Set some hand-towels and jars on the shelf!

Mapping Out Style

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

No better words could introduce today’s feature. Life and design are about thinking outside your comfort zone, exploring, taking chances, and finding influence in the world around you (the entire world, that is). Not only are maps a visual resource and directional guide, they’re beautiful displays of possibility, extents, and discovery. I liken “maps as decor” to reverse-Impressionistic painting. Up close, they are intricate, clear, and intriguing; from across a room, these details are transformed into lines, shapes, and subtle changes in color. Bring maps into your home as both art and inspiration. Some worldly backdrops…

DIY Map Drawer Console | Flea Market Trixie

Maps on Ceiling | Kevin Sharkey via Martha Stewart Living

Maps Arranged in Grid | Dransfield & Ross

Wallpaper | Elle Decor

Layered Maps | Kevin Sharkey via Martha Stewart Living

Map Throw Pillows | via My Bearded Pigeon on Etsy

Kids Bedroom with Map Wallpaper | via Pinterest

City Map as Poster | via Pinterest

The LoveSac is a Little Old Place…

…we can get together!! About 8 months ago, I discovered the casual, yet fabulous comfort of LoveSac. The name initially creeped both me and my client out, but once this wonderful and versatile cushion-y chair-rocker-y thing was in her home, we both agreed, it is worth the weird looks. Also, professionally speaking, I’m not allowed to acknowledge any degree of “goofiness” when it comes to shapes of desks in plan, pillow chair names, or the like. Unless the client begs me to acknowledge. Which happens all too often.. And I promise I’m a good sport. (Giggle) (Darn you, Pioneer Woman!!)

We selected the Pillow Sac in “King Phur” for her children’s playroom. I’d post some photos of the actual space, but we have some finishing touches to accomplish before showing it off. Naturally, when this monster arrived, it was incredibly huge and awkward. Once the insert was sealed up all pretty in the cover and placed on the rocker, it looked a little something like this.

Photo courtesy of

But, like – not nearly this bright grape-juicy color. It’s more of a subtle, royal, less-shiny purple without a halogen spotlight exposing every last fiber.  I promise.

It looks really sharp with freshly painted walls in Timothy Straw (Benjamin Moore). This next image illustrates the refreshing, yet neutral hue. In the playroom, it looks gorgeous with the dark wood floors and white trim. Swoon. Word on the street is that the kids seem to dig it as well. Hooray!

Timothy Straw | My Cup Overflowing

Not Your Ordinary Nightstand

Today feels like a day for thinking outside the box with fun, functional, and re-purposed night stands and side tables… For the daring DIY-ers, the dreamers, the expressionists, the literature collectors, the storage savvy, and the stylish rule-breakers.

Vintage Cart Side Table, via Apartment Therapy

Wall-mounted Side Shelf on Vintage Brackets, via This Old House

Vintage Stepladder as Side Table | Martha Stewart

Stacked Luggage Side Table | House Beautiful

Wooden Chair Side Table | The Inspired Room

Round Library Side Table | Country Living

Couldn’t have said it better myself…

‘A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move to higher levels.’ ~Albert Einstein

Blissful Beds 2: The Headboards

While I blog about whatever I darn well please, I am so very grateful for your feedback and requests – they inspire me to blog about what pleases you. You loved my post titled “Blissful Beds” (found all neatly tucked in here) so very much so I’m sharing more! The “love” headboard below was a fan-favorite so “Part 2” is a compilation of the most fab DIY headboards. After seeking more “you-build-it” beauties, I found that when it’s DIY anything goes. Each piece below stems from a unique concept and all of them break a few rules. Tulip Tip: Click on the images for directions/source! Be inspired, friends..

The headboard you all loved to pieces | via Shelterness

The Fanciful Headboard (Really as easy as pushing your bed up to a non-functioning fireplace? Or build your own. Love this. Careful!)

Mantle Headboard, via A Fanciful Twist (See Blogroll)

The Dreamy Headboard (This is an incredible work of DIY art – use as a headboard or hang in your living room! Just conceal those cords!)

Illuminated Headboard with LED's in 2x4 constructed box | via

The Soft, Simple Headboard (Adorably clever!)

Cushion + Ledge Headboard | via Modernests

The 2D Headboard (Very mod. I love this idea with a bright wall color like the chartreuse shown below! Click the photo for the template!)

Wall Stencil Headboard | via Good Housekeeping

The Natural Headboard (The wild pieces, the height variations, the texture – earthy and stylish.)

Driftwood Headboard | via Apartment Therapy

So, what is your headboard personality? I’m particular to the sparkly lights. They are soft, romantic, subtle, and special.
Have a restful weekend design fans!

Glass Bathtub!?!

Glathtub, if you will. C’mon.. help me coin this term. You know it’s clever [and/or cheesy].

Ok, so being familiar with the amazing creations in the design world, I’m not that shocked. Blown away, but not in complete disbelief. Very cool. Enjoy some avant garde practicality on your soggy Thursday afternoon.

via Pinterest, Apartment Therapy

Bring it Home: The Apothecary Hutch

A quick share: a modern, practical extension of my post on apothecary cabinets found here. This gorgeous piece of dining room furniture graced my screen today while scanning Hooker Furniture’s site for a particular sideboard. Yes, I will kindly share this treasure once I track it down! I am loving the incorporation of apothecary drawers on this open display hutch.

Apothecary Sideboard, Hooker Furniture

Hmm.. what could these small drawers hold in a dining room? Flatware, napkins, napkin rings, place card holders, place cards, small votives or hoards of tealight candles, salt+pepper mills, coins, crayons, silver polish, batteries, stationary.. Ok, you get the idea! Enjoy.

Apothecary Hutch, via Pinterest |

Hutch, See website for price, Restoration Hardware

Thanks for sharing in my current medieval storage obsession. Much appreciated!

Ye Olde Apothecary Cupboard

One of my favorite antique treasures is the apothecary cupboard. Apothecaries were mentioned often in English literature such as Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet while today’s modern “apothecary” is the sterile pharmacy tucked in the back of your local drugstore. Yawn. The romanticized apothecary of the 15th through 18th centuries provided elixirs, herbs, poisons, and remedies as well as birthing advice and care. The small drawers characteristic of the apothecary cupboard were used to store and sort small quantities of such herbs and medicines. Today, the most practical modern use for the many tiny drawers of apothecary cupboards is storage of small items such as ribbons, buttons, coins, and crafts.

As a fresh (yet old!) alternative for a jumbled catch-all drawer or basket, this piece of furniture lends itself to organization in style. Place as a console table in the foyer with a tray on top for keys and a small vase of wildflowers in summer or holly berries in winter.

12 Drawer Cupboard, $200 | Red Rooster Bed & Breakfast

And a few smaller variations of this useful, lovely rustic piece… Great for apartments, small spaces, and offices, too!

8-Drawer Cupboard, $160 | Red Rooster Bed & Breakfast

And many pretty colors (more on the site!) like these:

Happy organizing!

The Chair Files: Rocker

“Art resides in the quality of doing, process is not magic.” – Charles Eames

A traditional antique rocking chair, with a touch of formal-wear… I’m constantly blown away with the creative minds of furniture designers and artists. Any chance to share their pieces with the world – I’m all over it!

Antique Rocking Chair, $150 | Etsy: Leigh Ryan

Detail of hand-woven necktie seat.

Chair: Antique Rocking Chair with Necktie Seat
By: Leigh Ryan via her shop, Brambleberry Designs on Etsy
Use: Rocking gently on a soulful, summer porch
Materials+Features: Looking for sustainable? Leigh takes the impact off the environment by re-purposing an old, rustic chair and a collection of neckties. The colorful pattern created looks so sharp next to the rustic, painted wood frame.
Notable: Leigh’s balance of warm and cool colors is perfect. She took the finished look into consideration so as to not end up with a block of blue!
Fresh Cut Take: If you are a lover of both tradition and innovation, this classic chair with an eccentric twist is the perfect addition to your patio or porch. But keep it out of the rain and sleet!
Rating: 3 out of 3 tulips for ingenuity!


Happy lounging design friends!