Cool Homegoods Finds: Console

My latest Homegoods find – this charming, rustic console table. The photos don’t do it nearly the justice it deserves, but try to imagine! The colors have somehow achieved both subtlety and vibrancy, making this a unique addition to most any distressed-wood-lovin’ home. See photos below! (By the way, this table was either $129 or $149… and I’m leaning on the lower price – a stylish steal!).

5 Ways to use it!

1. Beside your front door as a mail sorter and key holder – place a pretty pottery dish on top and a dark woven basket on the shelf for outgoing mail.
2. In your kitchen to hold your microwave. Store bread or snacks in behind the doors or cute dishtowels in the drawer!
3. As a side table in your bedroom – that’s right – but I’d recommend this only if your bed is on the higher side.
4. Bring some country into your home office – great for a printer, to hold photos, or to store office supplies.
5. In your powder room. Set a vessel sink (like this!) on top, wall-mount a faucet, and [find someone to] disguise plumbing behind the drawer. Set some hand-towels and jars on the shelf!


Cool Homegoods Finds: Ottoman

I stopped into HomeGoods recently on the hunt for outdoor seat cushions (which, of course I found!) and stumbled across this rad ottoman on my way to the register. Yes, I take the scenic route. In fact, I think I spend more time being distracted in H-Goods after procurement of my to-be-purchased loot. I do walk around for a solid 2 hours before I make a decision so that says something. Just – a lot of time is spent, ok?!

The ottoman. It’s green and black and very substantial. I both love and hate that the patterned upholstery is carpet-like. It’s a very low looped pile and is rather rough in texture, attracting stray threads and hair (yeep! this drops it’s grade to a B-, with a lint-roller, a B). Literally, it’s carpet. The texture is visually interesting, but perhaps scratchy on one’s toes. What I love: It’s unique. The sturdiness. The material gives the entire pattern and piece substance and presence, which, if we’re bringin’ it around full-circle… is a fair trade in my opinion. Similar to, say, a pair of sky-high Louboutins: ouch, but chic.

At $300, this ottoman could be considered a splurge for some. However, considering it’s floor-grade wear and tear upholstery, I might throw the term “investment” in front of “piece” as I describe it. If you’re Irish and rebellious and free-spirited by nature (not unlike this rebel carpet ottoman), it even has four-leaf clovers. The lucky sort.

Cool ‘Homegoods’ Finds: May 25

In my effort to find off-the-shelf, over-sized ivory and natural pillows for a Family Room in Bucks County, I scooted into Homegoods (which had a fabulous makeover, I might add!) and found some great accents worth sharing. Still no over-sized ivories, but we’ve got a plan at Design Home Interiors around the corner. DHI has a wonderful showroom, and while they’re my competition (wink, love you guys), I absolutely adore working with them and they are very supportive and helpful. Did I mention friendly? I’m not helping my case here, but they deserve a recommendation for their approach and enthusiasm. In the meantime, keep an eye out for more ‘Cool Homegoods Finds’. I’m going to leave creativity out of this title from now on and simply separate them by date.

These pillows are very affordable priced between $25-30 each and the insert is included and made of very plushy down-fill. Please note that the ivory pillow is not shiny, but rather has a light ivory crewelwork. Who doesn’t love attaining style without breaking the bank?