Official Pinterest Announcement!

Hello, hello! And happy Saturday! There was a TON of rain in the forecast for this entire weekend so we rushed and rushed and worked and finished destroying, leveling, sod-planting, and cleaning our front lawn and side yard .. and now – NOW – we’re glued to the sofa and can’t move any muscles in our weary nonnow-athletic bodies. Andrew to the hockey game and me to Pinterest. Which reminded me that I must share some wonderful news: White Tulip Interiors and it’s lil bloggy friend and sidekick, Fresh Cut Spaces, teamed up with their creator (me) and launched our official PINTEREST page! Whoa!

Hop over right here or click the red “P” for lots o’ inspiration and prettiness!






I pin things like this kitchen…

And this painted bookcase..

And this ladder..

And this orginial artwork..

And this DIY wine crate garden..

Oh, and sometimes I pin things like this sunflower-topped country table..

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Intro: Santa Fe Week

Next week is officially “Sante Fe Week” on my blog!  My parents are going on a romantic getaway this fall and I’m excited for them, so I’m taking next week to share some Navajo/Pueblo/Santa Fe styles and cultural influences with you. I’ve been dreaming of visiting the wild west for some time now. After hearing how inspirational it was to artist Sonia Semone and reading up on Design*Sponge’s useful city guide – oh, and Googling it a lot – I’m even more drawn to the Native American culture, history, and art. You can imagine how well I plan to research and report come next Monday! See below for the line-up. (Like my festive pueblo colors?)

Artful Attire: Back at the Ranch
Art and Mentionable Galleries of Santa Fe
Jewelry of the West: Patina Gallery & More.

Whimsical Wednesdauy: Santa Fe Edition
Daily Inspiration: Architecture of New Mexico
Design for Mind, Body, and Soul: Pueblo Culture

Furniture and Finishes of the Wild West
Palette Pleasers: Eats with Style

Sweet Anticipation

I’m so excited for tomorrow’s and Friday’s posts. I’ve compiled a 2-part post on … Oh, wait – I’m not spilling it now! But some hints just for you: one verbal and one pictorial. Can you guess?

Soft, flowing, soothing, uninhibited, calm, restful, dancing, refreshing, crystal-clear water.

And the photo..

I already have 2 guesses and they’re wrong, wrong, wrong! Time to do a little fall cleaning.. That’s it! No more subtle hints!

Fresh Takes: The Intro

This June, I’m introducing a new string of posts under the umbrella of “Fresh Takes”. In each “Fresh Take”, I’ll feature a room or concept and give it my rundown. Of course complete with feedback, it’ll look a little something like this:

I’ll name the space and where I found it (i.e. Living Room,
First Impression:
The first single descriptive word or noun that comes to mind. 10 letters in 10 seconds.
Is it energizing or restful? I’ll determine that one right here.
Relax, prepare food, organize mail, watch American Idol… You get the idea.
Why I love it:
A short blurb of why I chose the space to appear before your eyes!
What works:
Elements that are functional and stylish = success.
Room for Improvement:
Needs pizazz (color, texture, anchoring, variety) or to be taken down a notch.
Sustainable Style:
Yes or No? Is it environmentally conscious?
What stands out and where can one find it?

Keep your eyes peeled for this feature.. I already have a cozy living room chugging its way down the blogging tracks.

Pleased to Meet You!

Good afternoon, from the desk of Carolyn at the newly, proudly established White Tulip Interiors.  Since beginning WTI in late 2010, I’ve been dying to share my progress and great design finds I have and continue to stumble upon during this wildly unpredictable journey.  I hope you’ll stick around to smile, laugh, and design with me as I blog away.  There are so many things that I enjoy, places I’ve been and want to visit, colors and styles that speak to me, and little happenings that shape my outlook on life.  Never dreaming of hiding any of them, you’ll find all of me here, always.  Embarrassments, mistakes, laughs, accomplishments, swoons, and all.

One of the most important lessons I can share about good design is that it’s not, and never should be, limited to visual aesthetic. Design is more than color, pattern, depth, and all those other elements I won’t bore you with.  It’s about feel. Comfort. Taste. Scent. Music. Family. Food. Conversation. Good design is conveyed through atmosphere. Atmosphere is created from personality. And personality comes from the soul, a happy, free soul.  As I introduce my new blog associated with my design business and personal interests, I hope to bring you all that contributes to a wonderfully pleasant space.

My wonderfully pleasant space is my front porch, overlooking rolling hills, barefoot, with the scent of home-made chicken noodle soup wafting out the door behind me, a glass of cold, sweet lemonade in my hand, a hand-knotted rug beneath my feet, a cozy-cushioned swing with a soft blanket draped to ease a fading spring chill, and an old Sara Evans song playing from the kitchen.  Design is life and all that comes with it.