Wednesday Whimsy: Polite Pillows

These fun-shaped pillows need to be in my home. And your home. Let’s order together, shall we?

All squishy pillows can be found and instantly ordered at Yellow Heart Art on Esty (and Facebook, and Twitter!). I’m diggin’ these as holiday gifts, a cute surprise for your husband-wife-galfriend-guyfriend-furryfriend-best friend-old friend-new friend-grandma, or as a finishing touch to your otherwise snooze-worthy bed. Leonora is the owner and creative mind behind these fun pillows. And she has good taste, too. This necklace popped up on her list of Etsy faves, so I’m sure of it. Besides makin’ perty pillows and other wares, Leonora blogs about adorable stuff and her own goofy adventures. So happy I found her! You should, too! See funky, fun pillows below. Undies & Love, Scooter… Snap!


Halloween in Paper

I love the handmade look of paper Halloween decorations and I hope this trend hangs around. The following pieces of paper decor have vintage flair and elements of both charm and creepiness. I hope you find some inspiration for your Halloween party – I’m posting this a few weeks early in case, like me, you wish to order everything on this list in time for the 31st!

"Daring" Treat Labels | Crafty Pagan Designs, Etsy

Bat Invitation | Easy Made Invitations, Etsy

Creepy Mice Decorations | Cotton Ridge Emporium, Etsy

Hanging Letter Banner | Party Paper Scissors, Etsy

25' Paper Garland | Sweet Things Etsy by Mara May, Etsy

Spooky Favor Bags | Crafty Pagan Designs, Etsy

Have a spooooky Halloween!!

Decor Muerte

When I was 14, I vacationed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was hot. There were exceptionally teeny bikinis. And colorful, dirty favellas. I rode in a rickety van to the top of Corcovado Mountain and stood in awe at Cristo Redentor (Portuguese). But those memories aren’t the only ones calling me back. I cherish one folk museum vividly and fondly. The carved and painted wooden figures, the instruments, and the rustic furniture – each piece was so much more than an object.

This experience influenced my appreciation for symbolism. Decor is deeper than beauty – the significance, presence, and story to be told brings life to a space. Take Dia de los Muertos, a holiday celebrated in Latin America to honor the dead. Morbid thoughts aside, I love this vibrant holiday. In fact, on this day, morbid thoughts are aside. Sugar Skulls, marigolds, crosses, food, and figurines signify remembrance. Skulls of the dead are no longer solemn symbols, draped with darkness and fear. It is truly beautiful and profound – this juxtaposition of death and dancing, pulsing life.

Above, enjoy my hand-picked collection of whimsical objects for your home. Dasher Muerte is my favorite – I laughed out loud. Then I added it to my Christmas wishlist. In July. I digress. Always. Consider them to be daily reminders that life – though, at times dark and solemn, has a way of letting the sun back in again.

The deets (from top Left, clockwise): The Evie Chair, $115 | The Pebworth; Skulls Wallpaper | Beware the Moon; Dasher Muerte, $60 | Mi Vida Creations; Skull Pashmina, $445 | Alexander McQueen; Necklace, $85 | My Salvation; Pillow, $20 | Mi Vida Creations; Tray, $60 | Mexican Sugar Skull; Skull Fabric, $12.50/yard | Mexican Sugar Skull; Framed Day of the Dead Skull, $15 | Emvee; Dispersed Wooden Skull Beads, $5 | The Forest Glenn.

Polka Dot Curly Q

Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for one-of-a-kind, unexpected, but cheerful accents. These playful creations by Mary Judy are, as she describes them, “a kooky twisted sort of whimsical.” They are colorful, speckled with pattern, and seem to dance in place. Mary Judy’s handmade ceramics are so  full of personality and so versatile, you can use them almost anywhere as anything! She displays the small and medium raised dishes with votive candles and pretty green limes. You might also display with some small spheres like these. Or fill with fruit, vegetables, stones, marbles, or twig spheres. Other large serving dishes are perfect for serving a birthday cake or banana muffins.
Beautiful, meaningful crosses with color.

And fun time pieces for a lonely mantel, a naked shelf, or a desk needing some inspiration.

And snazzy pitchers for delicious sips on a spring or summer afternoon.

Little flower dishes in a set of 3. These would look adorable on a nightstand, coffee table, or arranged in the center of a dining table (in which case, buy two or more sets!).

From top: (Left) Pink & Green Daisy Dish, $46; Pink & Green Polka Dot Dish, $68; Sacred Heart Cross, $42; Ceramic Mantel Clock, $285; Funky Striped Handle Vase/Pitcher, $85; Ceramic Flower Dishes (Set of 3), $20 | (All photos via MJ Etsy Shop)

Enjoy these colorful treasures and your day!

Whims-day: Lawn Ornaments with Attitude!

Have a sense of humor? I do. And this is it in a lawn decoration. If you’re looking for something to add wit and personality around your garden, deck, or patio, this is quite a conversation piece. “Oh, you think flamingos are so last year, too?” Let’s take a humane moment to clarify: I love flamingos – when they’re alive and adorably sleeping on one twiggy little leg in the sunshine. I love it also when mini-metal monsters capture their plastic cousins in the garden and break them in half. Carry on with your day!

Flamingo-Away Sculpture, $125

With goofiness and all…

Whimsical Wednesday: Knock, Knock…

…Who’s there? It’s me, Carolyn, stopping in with an image of a metal elephant and a gateway to some fun door knockers. I’d elaborate more, but I don’t have this groovy animation technology that makes the fixture come to life. Sweetheart Gallery’s website has both that superpower and more entryway accessories designed by artist Rosalie Sherman. I’m finding the frog mouth doorbell particularly endearing. (Oh, and they carry this wild furniture by some company out west, Twigs or Sticks or something… wink wink).

Eudora Elephant and Hunter Door Knocker, $240 | Rosalie Sherman

Enjoy the selection and hop around the rest of Sweetheart Gallery’s page!

Wednesday Whimsy: Spelling Lesson

I like to think I am really alright at the game of Scrabble.  But really, I’ve got a lot to learn.  Everyone does.  Yes, even you, Ken Jennings with your expansive word knowledge, quick-thinking, and Jeopardy-dominating logic. Except for my sneaky mother. She’s a fun-loving, down-to-earth, sometimes flighty, social-butterflyin’, party-hostin’, laughing, witty, artistic gal.  She’s a compassionate, gentle mother.  Did I mention she’s lovable?  But inside, there’s a copy of the Scrabble Dictionary and a triple word score-breathing dragon of demise.  Game: Mom – 764 points, Opponent – 46 points.  Not really, but everyone loses a little confidence in their vocabulary and self-worth when they play with her.  I suddenly forget simple words I know.  “Uh, mom, is “attic” a word? Is it spelled with a -c or a -k?” My vocabulary takes the backseat to my verbal-insecurity and onset inability to add up her triple letter, double word, used-all-her-letters scores.  I’ve snapped pictures of her ridiculous two-letter idioms. I’ve threatened to not play with her (but she’ll whine, literally). I even have a better Scrabble set than she does. Platinum Edition with leather score book and silver golf pencil, thank you very much.

<Deeeeep sigh>…At the end of the day, she’s my mom and I love her, so despite my panic attacks when I hear anything rhyming with “-abble” or seeing the letter “X” on my letter shelf, I’ve found the perfect pillows to lean on while she’s rackin’ in the winning points.  These add of a touch of personality and interest in any room and don’t ya know? Your guests will know exactly what game they’re losing after dinner at your house.  It doesn’t help that she innocently keeps one’s glass of Fish-Eye Merlot very, very full…

Photo © Dirtsa Studios |

Thanks for hopping over for some Wednesday Whimsy!  Happy designing!