A Fresh-cut Happy Project

I’m starting “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin – for happy book info, hop over to here. I’m already finding a huge difference in my outlook on life, love, and design. (I put a happy color on that title! and I shortened it quite a bit!) To clarify, I’m not miserable or depressed by any means. I really am mostly happy. Yet, as I settle into my late 20’s, I’m feeling the whole “quarter life crisis” (who am I kidding? it’s really not that bad). I’m in that in-between stage where I know enough to know I’m destined for wonderful achievements, but not enough to achieve them by 30. Who wants to do that anyway?! I’m lookin’ at you Mark Zuckerberg. Ha. Rock on. This blog is scheduled to post over on my wall later… Digression. Add that to the list below.

Some words to describe where I am (I can’t believe I’m bolding this!): restless, hopeful, sometimes overwhelmed, scattered, lacking focus, disorganized, cluttered, rushed, inadequate, hasty, moody, busy, chatty, clumsy, totally nerdy, way vulnerable (ahoy, this post is my first step in making a change so I’m a little queasy! in a good way!). <cringe> <boo-hoo> <laughs at self>

Some words to describe where I’d like to be (bold’s okay here!): restful, energized, motivated, accomplished, reliable, thorough, organized, aware, peaceful, confident, focused, unconditionally loving, forgiven/forgiving, respected (by myself, especially), helpful, refreshed, fit, fulfilled, happy.

I heard that some chapter in the first half of the book talks about organizing your belongings and home. Moreover, I heard that this particular chapter will make one want to drop said book and dive into his or her junk drawer and not come out for days until everything is in order. With this in mind, I jump-started my own Happiness Project by tornado-ing my way through both dressers and closets in our bedroom so I wouldn’t interrupt my reading sesh. Next, I went for the junk drawer but sadly lost steam. It was 7pm on a Saturday. A girl’s gotta rest! It was glorious. I felt SO liberated. Clarified. Zen. I’m talking deep clean, people – vacuumed/dusted, changed the sheets (and duvet!!), 9 loads of laundry (not kidding), 4 bags of give-away, 2 bags of dry-cleaning/alterations – the whole sha-bang-a-lang. Yes ma’am, that was just said. My soul felt all happy and clean.

This is about the 3rd ruthless purge I’ve put my house through in the past 2 months. And man – I highly recommend it. I was suddenly content to sit down and study, read, and merely exist without dreading all the “things” I had in my closet and on my to-do list. Oh my, I had to write a to-do list!!

#1. Write a to-do list.

#2. Order “The Happiness Project” on Amazon.

#3. Do stuff.

#4. Do other stuff…

#5. Throw paper balls for my cats..

#6. Eat two bowls of cotton candy ice cream..

#7. Rinse bowl and put in dishwasher.

My personal happiness project is three-fold and will consist of daily accomplishments, goals, inspirations, reminders, design solutions, and ideas.
Fold number 1: being nice to me.
Fold number 2: love (my interactions with my hot man/family/friends/coworkers/strangers).
Fold number 3: my home which is best friends with my passion, interior design.

Simplicity. Balance. Style.

To kick it off, a first step in my journey:

Be happy with and grateful for what I have. Be thankful to myself and my husband for working hard to get where we are and attain what we have. Be thankful for friends and family who’ve supported us every step of the way, especially when we trip on rocks here and there. No, really. Be very happy about this. It’s amazing.