Quick Paper Art: A DIY

Hello design friends,

Today I found some leftover  scrapbook paper from a bunting flag project I did about a month ago for a coworker’s (and friend!) bridal shower.  I grabbed 3 white Ikea frames holding 4×6 photos (I’ll find them new homes!) and got to work… Below you’ll see my supplies, finished product, and some suggestions for hanging or displaying frames, one of which includes my hand with dirty finger nails and a sad little blister from gardening.

My suppies (A 5x7 is shown, but I used 4x6; you can use any size you like so long as your scrapbook paper fits!)

My supplies (A 5×7 frame is shown, but I used 4×6; you can use any size you like so long as your scrapbook paper fits!)

This project is not only simple, it’s mega budget-friendly. 4×6 Ribba frames at Ikea are $5 each and include a mat.  Scrapbook paper at a craft store like Michael’s is typically $1 per sheet for patterns and 50 cents for solids.


Voila! 3 Pretty new pieces of art!

To dress up the more simple patterns, I’d recommend stenciling the letter of your first or last name!  Or a heart with your state’s initials below.  We heart PA!


Shhh.. I already have hooks here, but here’s how they’d look on a wall.


A little better on the brick wall, but maybe best on a darker grey-brown or even grey wall.


A little display on a console table (Oh, yes, there are some of my corks!)


Displayed in a grouping of 3.


And rounding up my post with a happy detail shot!

Happy Framing!

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